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Hear from my clients!

My wife and I have been working with Julie for a bit now and are constantly amazed at her ability to tailor our workouts to meet our specific needs. She's incredibly thorough, creative and thoughtful as she pushes us to meet our goals without risking injury or taking any unnecessary risks. She keeps the workouts fun and the time flies by with both us us definitely noticing steady improvement. We are thrilled to have her as our trainer.

– Jesse M

Julie is a fabulous personal trainer. I used to run 5-6 days a week, which was taking a toll on my knees. Then I met Julie. Julie has added a lot of variety to my workouts, and she is helping me to achieve my personal fitness goals. My fitness regime now includes strength training, balance work, cardio and stretching.  As a result I feel stronger, more stable and more flexible, and I have very little knee pain. Julie is very knowledgeable, and her energy and passion for overall fitness make my workouts fun. Her group classes are great as well.

– JGFitness Client

Hands Down the Best of the Best. I have had personal trainers in the past from “run of the mill” franchised gyms where you are just a number and time slot that they needed to fill. The “one size fits all” style of training, sometimes with different trainers, lacked the personal motivation and plan I needed to keep my fitness plan on track. 

Needing to get in better shape, I received a gift certificate to JG Fitness (Julie Gerrish). Julie is a true Personal Fitness Professional that will not only develop a program that will fit your individual needs but will motivate you to stay on track with home exercise and nutrition. Her communications skills, diligence and outstanding personality will change the way you look at personal training and fitness. She takes the time to explain and educate you on the proper techniques and reasons for each exercise or groups of exercises, making the workouts not only enjoyable but very educational. 

If you are serious about getting in better shape, you owe it to yourself to get a true Personal Fitness Professional and you will find that in JG Fitness (Sturbridge).

– David

I returned to exercising in person after Covid and decided to take 10 personal training sessions with Julie. Boy what a difference it made! I realized I wasn’t always using the right muscles. Julie really worked with me by not only demonstrating but also explaining which muscle group I should be using for each exercise. After I had rotator cuff surgery, I took another personal training session and Julie came up with a safe program for me to do during recovery. I suggest that everyone take a couple of personal training sessions with Julie even if you’ve been exercising for a very long time. You might be surprised that you’re not always using the right muscles.

– Lori M

Julie makes every session equally challenging and fun. I came for an injury, but kept coming for years for the great workouts.

– Marcy L

Julie is all about helping her clients achieve their fitness goals. She doesn’t judge you or try to fit you into some pre-conceived standard or ideal – she just helps you to become your best you.

– Kirstie P

Julie Gerrish is a remarkable trainer. She has not only helped me get stronger and more fit; she also devises tailor-made routines and stretching regimens that have made my once-habitual aches and pains a thing of the past. Julie puts her heart and soul into every workout, every class, every client. I couldn't ask for more from a trainer. She is brilliant at what she does.

– Paula D

Julie is an amazing trainer. She always brings fresh ideas, innovative workouts that are challenging!!! Everyday there’s something new which keeps us all coming back. Pivoting to remote sessions early on in the pandemic has kept our workout community together! 

– Janet C

Julie’s sunny disposition makes virtual classes fun, never repetitious or boring. I feel challenged & have never been fitter in my life! Every day we focus on strengthening and conditioning different muscles. Julie emphasizes correct form, to maximize the benefit from each exercise and prevent injuries. I love the fact that Virtual members have the flexibility to take classes live or at any convenient time. My quality of life has continued to improve. Thanks Julie!

– Raki Z

Julie's virtual workouts are challenging, motivating and literally the best way to start each day. They can be done anywhere at anytime. These workouts are keeping me motivated and holding me accountable and I'm extremely grateful for Julie's commitment to all of us!

– Jackie H

If you think you won't get a good workout doing it virtually, you should try Julie Gerrish! Not only does she offer a variety of workouts for all levels, but she also offers great before and after stretches that are (geared) to the workout. You get toned and educated, and have some laughs while doing it. If you miss a class, or loved it and want to do it again, you can because it's in her library.

– Karyn M



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