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All classes are booked and paid through ​Simply set up an account and choose your classes and/or membership packages.

Contact Julie if you have any questions. 

MWF Classes / In-person & Virtual
Monday 9:00-10:00AM
Functional Fitness

This one hour class is a carefully crafted combination of strength and cardio in a fun group setting. Starting with a mobility warm-up and then alternating between bouts of balance, strength and cardiovascular exercises, the emphasis is always on proper form. 

Wednesday 9:00-9:45AM

This 45-minute High Intensity Interval Training class draws from the principals of Tabata, with 8 rounds of activity performed at your very best ability for 25 seconds and 10 seconds of rest in between. We do 7 sets of these rounds in this challenging class, which will give you better endurance, a healthier heart and a fun workout that is over before you know it. I want you to give it all you’ve got for this class!

Friday 9:00-9:45AM
Freaky Friday

This class is different every week! I will give you a full-body workout in every class, whether it’s a Barre class, a TRX Suspension Training class, a Circuit class, or a themed class. When the weather is nice we’ll take the class outside - I will let registrants know ahead of time, but it will always be an appropriate class for all fitness levels, and it will always give you a great workout! 

M-F Express Circuit / Coming soon!
Mon-Fri, AM & PM
Express Circuit

Coming soon! Express Circuit classes are designed to give you a workout that blends mobility, strength, and endurance in an efficient, progressive package. 

Personal Training w Julie / In-person & Virtual

All consultations and personal training is scheduled with Julie directly. Email her to set up a time and get started!

The first step in your journey!
Free Consultation

Personal training is just that –personal – and I will make sure it is tailor-made for you. I sit down with each and every client before we get started and do an in-depth intake assessment, discussing your health history, your fitness goals, and taking a look at how you move. After that, I can develop a program that is specific to your needs, goals and lifestyle.

30-45-60 minutes options
Personal Training

I offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute programs, either once, twice or three times a week depending on what we decide together is the best plan of action for you. I can send you the workouts for you to do at home in between our sessions, along with nutrition and mental health articles and information. I want to see you be successful and reach your goals! 

30-45-60 minutes options
Sm Group Training

For 2+ persons, features a customized blend of cardio and strength exercises using bands, free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, and bodyweight to give you a great workout!

Contact Julie to schedule. 

Student or Team Training / In-person

All student or team training is scheduled with Julie directly. Email her to set up a time and get started!

By appointment only. 
Student or Team Training

Take your child or team to the next level with organized athletic training geared for their age and sport. I have worked with numerous teams over the years to up their game on the playing field and prevent injuries. 

Contact Julie to schedule. 

Corporate Training / In-person

All corporate training is scheduled with Julie directly. Email her to set up a time and get started!

By appointment only. 

This customized, on-site or virtual class will equip your team with effective, engaging and convenient fitness that works for your workplace. 

Contact Julie to schedule. 

Home gym
Home Gym Design Consult

Contact Julie directly to discuss your project. Email her to set up a time and get started!

By appointment only. 

Gym Design

Dreaming of a home or garage gym but not sure where to begin? Can’t figure out what equipment you need and how it will all fit together? Let me help you define and design a great space! 

Contact Julie to schedule. 

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