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Choosing the Rocky Path

Today, I went for a run, one of my favorite weekend activities, especially on a day like today: sunny, warm and fresh with the optimism of spring and summer. I had gone for a run with my husband a couple of days earlier, and when I told him I wanted to do a trail run, he agreed but said during the run that he much preferred the road. I thought about this as I embarked on my run and decided to do the trail again. I noted as I ran on the trail that I had to run slower because I have sprained both ankles in the past and there is so much uneven terrain, rocks and roots on the trail. I really have to focus and pay attention to my footing and my surroundings.

Despite the very real potential for ankle injury, I am choosing the rocky path. The rocky path has a greater possibility of me hurting myself, sure, but it also gets me out in nature, where I have seen beautiful mountain laurel, deer, owls, frogs and even tadpoles, where I have heard the birds

talking to each other and the rush of a busy stream, where I have smelled the intoxicating fragrance of honeysuckle and fresh herbs. Even on a rainy or snowy day, my mind takes me on a wonderful path of its own, figuring out problems or challenges I have to face that week, or calming me down after a stressful day with lots of heavy breathing and sweating to release all my frustrations and worry.

I don't want to diss my husband's decision to take the road for his runs. Every path is different, and what works for me might not work for someone else. We all have our own different paths to take, and for now, I choose the rocky one.

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